Thursday, December 6, 2012

All I Want For Christmas is a Duke and Much Merry Making

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Yes, I'm a cliché. I adore the lights, the greens and reds, the sparkling ornaments, trees, the scent of pine and baking in the air, and if you're lucky snow! I received this love from my parents, both who had very hard Christmases as children. I think they wanted to ensure I was raised in the magic of the season rather than the disappointments. And so, every Christmas morning, the tree burst with presents. My mother would wrap ANYTHING. Seriously. If you stood still, she might have wrapped you.

I lost my father ten years ago and I can still remember that first Christmas without him. It was hard. Now, my mother has passed this year, and I will be facing a Christmas with other family members. Yet, my mother and father are with me in spirit. Not only that, as I wrote The Twelve Days of Seduction, my part of the anthology, my mom cheered me on! She absolutely loved that I was writing it and as I've gone through all the fun of bringing it to life, her spirit has always been there, encouraging me.

A Victorian Christmas was different than the Christmas we know now. Prince Albert brought the Christmas tree to us, thank goodness! But so much of the celebration surrounded food and merry making. They drank oodles of wine and Christmas punch. Father Christmas himself was not a present giver but the spirit of partying, really. It was sometime during the 1860s that he transferred into that gift giving gentleman. Before that, he was all about bringing on the wine, eating loads of food, and singing loudly.

The Victorians were still largely celebrating Christmas as a pagan sort of day. A day to beat back the darkness with bright lights, and vigorous cheer. For it would be a good few months before spring came, and this day was the best chance to have a good blow out of fun before the last days of dark.

My story focuses on a governess who scrambles up from the bottom of society and falls in love with the little girl she looks after. . . She also falls for the duke, her boss. Oh my! The Scandal! And because of this, my book was perfect for The Scandalous line at Entangled.

Delilah Marvelle and I both wanted to write stories about a duke and so this summer we decided we had to have our own cheery story to fight the dreary winter. I adore her story, Merry Christmas Mrs. Robinson! Its so fun and romantic. Both of us chose to write about women who deserved a good man, but had some serious social challenges getting them. But get them they do!

I adore the Victorian period with its social constraints, and smoldering emotions beneath and what better time to display them than at Christmas when everybody was letting their guards down a bit, playing games, drinking mulled wine, and eating their Christmas goose. I hope you fall in love right along with my characters and revel in the Christmas fun!

Now, if you could have anything besides a duke for Christmas, what would it be?

Post your answer and you will have your chance at wining one of two copies of All I Want for Christmas is a Duke or Forever a Lord, Delilah's deliciously sinful full length December release. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SUNDAY NIGHT!

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